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مجله ورزشی انگلیسی Autosport__February_08_2018

seasons with disappointing Honda power, McLaren has to be better this year following its switch to Renault. It won’t be easy. You could make a strong case for fellow Renault customer Red Bull still being the top team when it comes to producing the best chassis, while Renault’s own squad is on the up too. But, as Ben Anderson’s cover piece shows, McLaren boss Zak Brown still believes his team can get back to the front and challenge for its fi rst world championship since Lewis Hamilton’s 2008 drivers’ title.

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پنجشنبه 31 خرداد 1397

ghosts from the past By: JONATHAN D THORSEN 
a short ghost story

David was a writer based in Glasgow,Scotland. He was starting a new book and needed the peace and tranquility of the highlands, so he could concentrate.

It was also a journey into the unknown.

A Place By The Sea

David was a writer from Glasgow. Over the years He had had several books published, three best-sellers among them. Most, if not all of them, were written in His house in the west-end of Glasgow. But the new project which He was undertaking involved the countryside, so to get into the right spirit for writing such a piece, He had to re-locate to the countryside.

The next day, David went to George Square Tourist Information Centre in Glasgow City Centre to find a place where He thought He might next meet His inspiration and create a new piece of His work.

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نوع مطلب : داستان انگلیسی، 
برچسب ها : داستان، رمان، انگلیسی، رایگان، کتاب، ترسناک، خارجی،
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چهارشنبه 30 خرداد 1397
A Long Way Home
By: Mims Driscoll 
A young girl's tale of coming to terms with the truths of her life.... 

"The people who are walking in darkness Have seen a great light, Dwellers in a land of death - shade, Light hath shone upon them." Isaiah 9 : 2 Young's Literal
I don't know even how to start. What to say. What not to say. How to tell a story that was and is my life. I can think back but it is foggy. I was alive but I wasn't. I dwelled in a land of death and chaos. But Light came and changed all that...........................
"No, they aren't my parents." She said " My parents are dead." She stared at the two people who she had known all her life as mom and dad. Her mind blank. Looking at them as if through the eyes of a movie that was playing out before her. She was alive. She was breathing. Yet reality was far from her and her life more of a vapor.. This story is hard to write. But it is her story. A story that I came across and one that has taken a hold of me and will not let me put it to rest. So tell it I must.

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نوع مطلب : داستان انگلیسی، 
برچسب ها : داستان، رمان،
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سه شنبه 29 خرداد 1397
A letter from a very happy customer
From Bill Wiggins
6 Golden Way
Bexley Heath
1 March 2010

To whom it may concern

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate your Bexley Heath branch on their appalling standards of Hygiene.
A month ago my wife and I purchased a number of your ‘Home baked, ethically reared’ Cornish Pasties. Wrapped in ‘Free trade flour from the fields of Palestine’ and stuffed with ‘Organic locally sourced British vegetables’.
That evening we served them with ‘Minted new potatoes’ to my waspish wife’s awful mother.
Happily one of the many Cornish Pasties the obese Gorilla ate was also stuffed with a finger tip, the nail painted in what I believe is called, Barbie pink. This in no way stopped the old bitch jamming it down her fat gullet; the Barbie pink finger tip became lodged in her throat.

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دوشنبه 28 خرداد 1397
A Dinner Guest
Suzie's surprise By: Rebekah Jennings
Mark has had enough of Suzie's excuses at the dinner table. Why can't she just eat her meal with no complaints.

And who is their mysterious dinner guest?

“What’s that?” Suzie asked, pointing at the steamed broccoli on her plate.

“Broccoli, why? Have you decided you don’t like that either?” Mark said testily.

“No Dad!” Suzie answered, “Look, it’s a caterpillar?”

Mark leant toward Suzie’s plate, eyeing the small brown attachment. Squinting he leaned even closer and poked it with his fork.

“It’s a seed.”

"Let me see," Suzie's brother demanded.

“It looks like a caterpillar," Suzie squealed, "yuck."

“Pass it to me,” Nat spoke over the top of Suzie, her hands out. Suzie passed the plate to her mother. Nat popped the plate next to her own and carefully studied the specimen.

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نوع مطلب : داستان انگلیسی، 
برچسب ها : داستان، رمان، انگلیسی، کوتاه، کتاب، آموزش، زبان،
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یکشنبه 27 خرداد 1397
A Deadly Drive-by book one
Fictional By: Linda Dyanne Bolden 
A frightening short story about Drive-by shootings, resulting in two innocent children becoming victims of gang violence in our inner cities.

A Deadly Drive-By book one

A Deadly Drive-by
The beauty of the sunset had descended slowly behind the building in front of us. The glow from the sun was becoming a twilight, disappearing below the horizon. I wanted to hold on to this moment forever, not taking the spectacular view for granted. There was not a cloud in the sky. The lakefront air was blowing hot breezes our way. Laughter had overflowed our surroundings, while the five girls jumped in rhythmic beats with their rope--the boys took turns riding their scooters from the apartment building to the corner of the block.
The parents were sitting on the porch singing along with the music to Michael Jackson’s CD, "Off the Wall." Others stood nearby engaged in their conversation as they watched their children happily play. From a distance, the musical sounds spilled out from the ice cream truck, moving along, and pauses mid-section in the street. A crowd of children ran toward the ice cream truck to treat themselves to their flavor tasty ice cream cones. 
Everyone in the neighborhood were outside enjoying the first day of the hot summer heat, dreading to go inside his and her scorching apartments. Although, they could have chosen to go inside their apartments and relax under their air conditioning or fans, but the joy of the evening air was much more soothing. The evening was beautiful and everyone was enjoying himself or herself.

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نوع مطلب : داستان کوتاه انگلیسی، 
برچسب ها : داستان، رمان، انگلیسی، رایگان، کتاب، کوتاه،
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شنبه 26 خرداد 1397
A Broken Watch, some Peppermints, and a Hug That Goes Too Far
By: R. Brownell 
A Short story based on three writing prompts, A broken wristwatch, peppermints, and a hug that goes to far


I swerved out of the way just in time. I was running late, and the island of Manhattan was buzzing with the morning commuters. The cab driver shouted some profanity out the window as I wrapped my free hand around a street post to steady myself. No one questioned if I was all right, why would they anyway, this was New York for Christ sakes. 

I headed up Seventh Avenue towards Times Square. My train from the island had just pulled in about ten minutes ago, after massive delays on the Long Island Railroad in Jamaica Queens. 

In my right hand, I held coffee and a donut from Penn Station. My black prada messenger bag banged against the side of my leg as I picked up my pace and grew closer to the heart of New York City. The crowd grew from ridiculous to horrendous in a matter of seconds. The streets not only filled with commuters, but tourists stopping every few seconds to take photos. 

I finally reached forty forth and Broadway, and past right underneath the MTV studios. I knew spring would be over soon because of the movie awards signs that hung in the windows of the MTV studios. My office was actually above the studio. 

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نوع مطلب : داستان انگلیسی، 
برچسب ها : رمان، داستان، انگلیسی، رایگان، دانلود، لینک مستقیم، کتاب،
لینک های مرتبط :
جمعه 25 خرداد 1397
24 Hours in Hell
By: Isobel Harrison 

Two teenagers go to an abandoned insane Asylum and find it over-run with the reanimated corpses of the patients that are over 100 years old. With the help of a sarcastic genius ghost, they find a way to reverse the virus.

 “Are you coming?” Saphy yelled back to Cameron, her best friend, who was leaning against the car, eying the old building with mistrust. He was right to; the building had once been an asylum for the insane, but was abandoned a hundred years before. Nobody knew why. Nobody had been brave enough to investigate the asylum, and the only contact made from inside the grounds was an old, tattered sign outside that read:


The two teenagers were too curious to take warnings from silly old signs. The best thrills are in abandoned buildings at night.

Cameron looked at Saphy, then the house, then the sign, and back to Saphy. 
“Fine,” he said “But not for long.”
Saphy grinned and ducked under the barbed wire fence.

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نوع مطلب : داستان انگلیسی، 
برچسب ها : رمان، داستان، ترسناک، انگلیسی، رایگان، کتاب، زبان،
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پنجشنبه 24 خرداد 1397

The dead guy lying face up in a pool of blood on my kitchen linoleum sure brought the high desert chill into the room. Guess I could be thankful for three things. One, I didn’t know the guy. Two, it was late afternoon, not midnight. Things always seem worse at night. And, three, I’m not prone to panic. I wouldn’t be much of a cop if I were.

I backed out the swinging kitchen door, set the auto parts bag I was carrying on the coffee table, and punched 911 on the phone next to the sofa. A female dispatcher answered.

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نوع مطلب : داستان انگلیسی، 
برچسب ها : داستان، رمان، کوتاه، انگلیسی، رایگان، کتاب، متن،
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چهارشنبه 23 خرداد 1397

Bella's Diary
By: Erica M. 

Dear Diary,

I can't believe how big Renesmee has gotten. Shes already 18, it seems like just yesterday I was cradling her in my arms. Now shes older, much much older than what she seems. Edward asked her the other day if her and Jake were getting serious and of course she had to say "kinda" to him. He went on forever talking and talking. I decided to jump in and ask when we were going hunting next. He told me not right now honey I'm in the middle of something can't you tell. So obviously that didn't work how I planned.

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نوع مطلب : داستان انگلیسی، 
برچسب ها : داستان، رمان، انگلیسی، آموزش، زبان، رایگان، کتاب،
لینک های مرتبط :
سه شنبه 22 خرداد 1397

A Very Short Action Story
By: Lauren Stiller 

The man sat on the park bench, casually reading a newspaper. He was an expert at impersonating the style of an ordinary Joe. Nearby, a squirrel ran over the roots of an oak tree. A young woman was walking her dog, and a few joggers were roaming around.

The scent of fall leaves was in the air, but the man did not care about any of that. He had come to complete one mission, and nothing else.

He neatly folded the newspaper and put it in his leather bag. It was almost time. Slinging his bag over his shoulder, the man pulled his long trench coat around himself and started towards the woods.

Withered leaves crackled beneath his shoes as the man entered the forest. Pausing, he looked around for the tree. Ah, there it was. A small pine tree with a simple X marked on the trunk. He set down his bag and opened it. Pulling out some leather gloves, the man wiggled his fingers into them. 

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نوع مطلب : داستان انگلیسی، 
برچسب ها : داستان، رمان، انگلیسی، زبان، دانلود، رایگان، کتاب،
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دوشنبه 21 خرداد 1397
A Reason to Rain
By Donna M Young

I’ve always hated the rain, for reasons I’ll tell you about some other time. But, today the rain is appropriate. Today the rain is the only thing that feels right deep in my soul. It makes a hollow sound, which mimics the hollow feeling in my heart, as it thrums like distant drums on the tiny white coffin in front of me. Cold on my face, mixing with warm tears that won’t, that can’t, wash the guilt away.

He was only six weeks old, his older brother four, when their daddy left us. We struggled for several months on our own, trying to make ends meet. Our living quarters were two small rooms, which smelled of old cigarettes and rancid garlic, in what used to be a motel hastily transformed into small apartments. The ancient gray carpets were threadbare and stained and a large faded brown area on a prominent wall looked like old blood. I wondered if someone had been murdered in that room, or if they had just gone mad and taken their own life as I had often dreamed of doing since coming to this place of aching silence.

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نوع مطلب : داستان انگلیسی، 
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یکشنبه 20 خرداد 1397
A Reason to Live
Ana was simple. Guji was not. By: Silentaffections 

I'm no one special. Really.

I wear my hair the same way each and every day that anyone who's known me for some time would already assume that nothing extravagant would come out of me. No love letters in my locker, never mind the secret admirers. For someone as simple or plain as me, I've stopped all hopes for anything romantic to happen in the future. I'm not bitter.

I'm not bitter that my name is as simple as only two syllables: Ana.

Leaves your mouth easily, doesn't it? No special pronunciation needed, no guttural sounds to create an accent to beautify the way it's said. Just Ana, thanks. I'm not complaining that my name is often used; because it's actually not. Many just often assume that it is because it sounds very plain. Sorry, but that's not the case. That is why Ana is ironically a rare name.

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نوع مطلب : داستان انگلیسی، 
برچسب ها : داستان، رمان، انگلیسی، کوتاه، عاشقانه، متن، زبان،
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شنبه 19 خرداد 1397

A Fractured Fairy Tale
a short story By: Eleanor Jiang 

I am the Evil Queen of Snow White. You all believe that I am some vain, EVIL, queen who wants to kill some innocent little princess, but that in itself is a misconception. Snow White is my sister.

Surprised? Bet you are. This has NOTHING to do with the fairy tale “Snow White and the seven dwarfs” from the Brothers Grimm. This is not a work of fantasy. This is the TRUE story. 

You will now be entering the zone of the TRUE story. (Enter if you dare) (Satisfaction not guaranteed) (Not responsible for anger, sadness, loss of brain cells or the early onset of Parkinson’s disease.)

This part of the very long tedious story takes place in the castle. Being the first child, I was obviously to be queen after mum died. And my little brat of a sister became the princess. I was still legally a princess, but I was now the acting queen of my father’s estates. 

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جمعه 18 خرداد 1397

Molli sat on the small loveseat with a small wrapped present on her lap. The card read “To Hunter, Love Molli”. A single tear ran down her cheek as she wished she hadn’t been in a different state as the love of her life. Molli’s relatives gathered around the table and exchanged memorable Christmas memories.
This Christmas Eve was the loneliest she had ever been. She set the gift on the floor under the brilliantly lit tree and curled up on the couch. The radio silently played carols, but Molli ignored it and the loud chatter of all her older aunts, uncles, and cousins. She took off the promise ring Hunter had given her and she twirled it around in her fingers.
She had been wearing a white dress with a band of red ribbon around the stomach. She felt cold though a fire blazed and flickered just in front of her. The doorbell rang and her grandmother asked her to get the door. She lifted herself off the couch and straightened out her dress and wiped the tears from her rosy red cheeks.

نوع مطلب : داستان انگلیسی، 
برچسب ها : داستان، رمان، انگلیسی، رایگان، کوتاه، بلند،
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پنجشنبه 17 خرداد 1397

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